NASA Remix Project

NASA Remix Project - Call to Action!

NASA Remix Project is a contest run on Flickr group. This group is dedicated to Remixing the public photo archive of NASA.
Any image, collage, artwork, or photo that uses at least one image from NASA in the form of a remix, mash up or new artwork is acceptable.

We encourage you to go over to NASA image galleryGRIN archive (Great Images in NASA library) or the biggest collection of them all and grab some photos.

Remix them, make a Mashup by combing the photos with other images or textures, reinvent them into a new piece of art. Go ahead give it a try, its fun!

Although there are no rules as to how you use the images, we encourage you to make something new out of the photographs. Perhaps put them in a different context. Change their meaning, give them new life and emotion. The NASA image archive is a great historical photo collection that deserves to be reborn.

The NASA Remix project also hosts challenges or contest (read our discussion forum), where images are selected for a remix challenge! Read our discussion forum to participate in the latest project. So go ahead invite your friends, grab some NASA photos and start remixing!

Remember to link back to the original photo AND give credit to other flickr members who’s images you use in your work.

Note: Most NASA images are part of the public domain and do NOT have any Copyright.

The goal of this group is to encourage people to re-interpret and remix the great photo libarary NASA has released into the public domain. Please take this photo Remix It, make a Mashup by combing this photos with other images or textures and reinvent it into a new piece of art. Go ahead give it a try, its fun! Then post your artwork to the group pool. To view some of the best images in the group you can view our stream on flickr river. If your up for a challenge we host remix competitions every month on our discussion forum.

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